Want to make your car a movie car?
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Film Productions

Makes a great item for your car’s history file (the story book of your car). Whether or not you’re selling your car, or just want to make the car famous on the internet, because making a movie is a really interesting and fun thing to do with your car.

We have had in excess of 2 million hits world wide from our movies, so far!

From a movie shot in the Pennine hills, then the studio interview with John, to hiring a race track to shoot on circuit action, then a studio interview. You and your friends/family could appear in the film to enhance the story.

All that is required is imagination. We make magic! View some of our previous work in the “video” section.

Contact us and let’s discuss your requirements.

  • Car Film 1
  • Car Film 2
  • Car Film 3
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