A ferrari will never die
“you can wreck it, it can be rusty, we’ll restore it”
Ferrari in garage
Ferrari servicing


It has been our priority from the very beginning of Italia Autosport to fulfil our clients needs with the highest level of attention to detail that we have become famous for. This is a quality that has continuously set us apart from other establishments, and is the reason a majority of our clients have stayed loyal to us for over 40 years. Preparing and protecting these vehicles to the highest possible standards is an imperative factor of our duties. We, as preparers, have a huge responsibility to keep the soul of the cars alive, to ensure these cars live forever.


John has been restoring Ferraris since the 70’s, at the beginning of his Ferrari Career. Something he has come across on countless occasions is when a car is undergoing a restoration, the soul is often restored out of it. The aim is to make an older car “new” again, however, this is not something we believe in. Protecting the authenticity and originality of these cars is imperative to us. Preserving them for the future, in a similar way you would a priceless painting. We have the experience, the skills and the knowledge to restore a Ferrari, leaving just the right amount of “patina” in the car to make it look like we haven’t restored it at all. In our opinion, there is nothing better than a 1970’s Ferrari restored in such a way that it appears just one year old.

Secure Storage

We have vastly updated the security of our storage facility in the past few years, with CCTV cameras recording continuously we are always able to keep an eye on things to ensure the safety of our clients’ vehicles. Our purpose built storage building is just around the corner from our main workshops, therefore we are able to bring cars in and out of storage, to check over and prepare for collection with ease. Several of the cars we store here at Italia Autosport are permanent residents, some of which have been with us for over 10 years! We like to refer to our storage facility as a health spa for these cars, which exercised throughout the year in order to keep them healthy, be it simply running the engine or a short road test. This is something that is specifically in Johns’ care.

Pre Purchase Inspection

For decades John has assisted our clients in locating and purchasing the perfect vehicle. Travelling across the UK and Europe on behalf of clients, John will put his expertise to good use by carrying out an incredibly thorough inspection, photographic documentation and a written report, to ensure you make the right decision when purchasing one of these very special cars.

When the time comes to sell a vehicle, we are trusted to sell on behalf of our clients. Taking the time to write in-depth descriptions, take detailed photographs and prepare the car ready for sale.